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Tag Us On Instagram!

We’ve just found this post from Natasha Adams on Instagram, which was posted exactly a year ago! We have festive parcels again this year anyone wants to try them! Thanks Natasha!...

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Kirstie’s Homemade Sausage Rolls

 ​ Thank you very much to Kirstie Rann who has sent in her recipe on Facebook to be featured! You can find Kirstie’s recipe here!   Kirstie’s recipe is yummy homemade sausage rolls with black pudding or chorizo!...

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James Lucy’s Goat Curry Recipe

Ingredients:   3 x White Onions 4/5 Cloves Garlic Thumb sized Piece ginger 2/3 Chillis (dependant on heat) Goat from @IslandFoods1 Dry Spices (madras powder/curry powder/garam masala/turmeric/similar) Whole spices (cardamom seeds/cumin seeds/cloves/coriander...

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We Need Your Recipes!

For a bit of fun we’ve decided to feature a customer’s recipe every week in our shop! If chosen, your recipe will be shared on our Facebook page and your profile picture will be on a poster in our butcher’s shop! To enter, please send your recipes...

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